FIT Performance - About Our Founder

Where did it all begin?

FIT Performance Triathlon was created when a moment of inspiration struck me whilst in the middle of an Olympic Triathlon swim.

In 2017 I suffered a horrible sports injury while playing football, I'll save you the gory details!
After a difficult 12 months injured, I started to train again but it had to be swimming because it wasn't weight bearing, I then progressed to cycling and finally back to being able to run as I worked on my rehabilitation.

A good friend of mine mentioned he was competing in a triathlon and encouraged me to join him. Since I had been developing the skills as part of my rehab I decided to go for it.

Immediately I  was hooked, I love everything about it, from the amazing technology developed for the equipment, right down to the the intricacies of transitions and setups.

All that combined with a wealth of knowledge and advice from some great coaches and the carnival atmosphere at the Triathlon events I realised I had found my calling.

With a background in Sport Technology and Design Engineering and a desire to go faster, looking back it was inevitable that I would want apply my skills to design. 
The third event I competed in was my first Olympic triathlon. It was during this swim where I began to question my wetsuit, (and myself) analyse what could be improved and my mind was flooded with thoughts.

  • How could the buoyancy ratio be better?
  • Where is the flexibility restrictive?
  • How can I save time on my dreadful transition 1? 
Seeking advice from other triathletes and coaches to improve, I saw this as a priority for many, not just me.

From thoughts and drawing board to production by 2018 our first product is our flagship product the FITsuit.

My ambition for all FIT Performance products is to utilise cutting edge technology whilst maintaining our integrity and business ethos.

What that means to us is that all products will be created purely to improve performance based on direct feedback from the athletes themselves.

Our ethos is to do this with as little impact on the environment as possible. After all, it’s our playground right?
I have been fortunate enough to pick the brains of elite triathletes, cyclists and runners, along with international coaches and renowned biomechanics experts to ensure what we are doing is working in order to cement our position as the number one choice for endurance apparel.

In the near future, FIT Performance will be net carbon zero, made in the UK with sustainably sourced or 100% recycled fabrics only using the greenest methods possible.  If you haven't tried a FIT Performance product yet, what’s stopping you?

Yours in sport,