FIT Performance Triathlon TriSuit

Fit Performance Triathlon TriSuit

Lets start from the beginning, the FITsuit.

The suit incorporates a high level of flexibility which allows a full and natural swimming stroke. This also allows it to be quickly removed in transition for aquathon or triathlon events. We believe it is in fact the FASTEST IN THE WORLD to remove.

Beneath the Neoprene is a layer of Titanium Bio-Ceramic material which reflects naturally emitted infra-red rays from your muscles back to keep them and the rest of your body warm.

The suit has an optimum 3:2 for the body, and 1mm on the arms and lower legs. This buoyancy ratio which gives higher buoyancy in the legs allowing a more optimal position in the water for better swimming efficiency.

The superflex design and thinner neoprene allows further movement at the joints to increase the athletes range of movement in the water. Therefore, allowing you to swim like you would without a wetsuit.